Welcome 2016

I’ve been seeing a few people who are bent on ‘making this the best year ever’ and ‘so glad that 2015 is over with because it was such a bad year’…
I have been thinking a lot about this and while I like fresh beginnings just like everyone else,I have been feeling that the big need to make resolutions for 2016 maybe a little over rated.
I have come up with a better idea – for me of course. You can do what you want with your new year. Here’s how I am going to handle mine.

Every single day is a fresh start…. and if every single day I wake up and say to myself… today is a good day… and live it like it is a good day… then guess what, at the end of 2016 I will have 365 good days to look back on.  Now how simple is that.
I would prefer to be a little less curvy… humm.. that means that every single day I make a choice – do I put that in my mouth or do I not?  How important to me is the taste of that cookie? How long will I really enjoy the taste of that cookie. How long will I suffer over the guilt of eating that cookie?
I want to be in better shape – that means that I need to get more active.  Now do I really want to drag out all my winter clothes to go for a walk in the snow and wind and cold, or would I rather sit on the couch where I am comfortable?
I make that choice – every single day – not just on January first.
More water – less coffee… No one tubes the coffee down my throat. I am the one who makes that choice every single day.
Write more letters, keep in touch with family, read more books,say I love you more often,eat more veggies and fruit… well, I can’t do that if they are not in the fridge and I can’t eat chips and cookies if they are not in the house now can I? I make the choice when I go to the store as to what I am going to buy to have in my house.
It’s a choice I make – every single day that will add up to me looking back on 2016 and see it was a year full of good choices.
The beads don’t end up on the string all at once… it’s one bead at a time. It’s the same thing with our year. The  pounds and the hours and the friendships and the apples don’t end up all of a sudden at the end of the year… it happens one day at a time. Every Single Day.

Here’s to some wonderful days for us to look back on at the end of this year and maybe we won’t be so quick to see the year end in December after all… it’s been a wonderful year – hasn’t it?  ❤


Wishes or Weeds?


Dandelions: I collect dandelion things, a cup with dandelions on it, a candle warmer, pictures, and I wear a special seed and wish on my necklace. Dandelions are a special flower to me and here are my reasons why.

When my 4 children were little there was no greater joy for them than to bring me handfuls of dandelions for me to proudly display all over the house. Those bright and cheery yellow flowers were just begging for chubby little hands to pick them. Oh my, I have lost count of how many pretty Sunday dresses were ruined because they got that dandelion milk on them and I never really did find out how to get it out of the clothes.
I always had little glasses in the window sill full of half wilted dandelions that I had a hard time throwing out because my babies brought them in for me.
The dandelion is one of the first flowers that come out in the springtime and last for so long into the summer. Always happy to be a dandelion – smiling from everyone’s lawn, whether they are wanted or not. A dandelion has figured out the secret of happiness… be happy where you are, raise your face to the sun and never ever worry about what the rest of the world thinks about you. Dandelions don’t worry if people think they are a weed or  if they get called ugly and have people fighting  to get them out of their lawn. They just keep on growing cheery and throw their seeds with abandon to the wind without a care.
And you know what else makes the dandelion special to me? I have watched them as they get mowed down, we all know that you can’t mow a dandelion down… nope, you can come back an hour later and there they are standing up even taller and more cheery now because they don’t’ have to compete with the long grass that you just trimmed down for them.
This makes me think of us as women – some of us have a lot to deal with and sometimes things try and ‘mow’ us over but I watch women around me come back up standing taller and with more pride than they had before because they realize that the ‘mower’ didn’t’ kill them – they find out they are stronger than they thought they were.
And then there are the wishes – who hasn’t lifted that perfectly formed dandelion seed head to their lips and closed their eyes, looked deep inside and then let it all go by blowing a wish? I do it quite often – I do it so I can be sure that there will always be dandelions growing next year too.
My four babies have grown up and left home… I see them like those seeds – blowing on the wind and filling the world with their sunshiny personalities, making the world a better place just by being in it.
AND – you can eat dandelions too…. AND they make good WINE!!
So there you go… how can you beat a plant that is filled with so much goodness. There is magic in that simple weed.
Now, the next time you see a dandelion – will you see a weed or a wish?

In a World Gone Mad….

live in this moment
With all that goes on in the world and the instant update via internet and tv and radio these days, I have ask the question…. What are we to do now?
Get all worried; or, put our heads back in the sand and go on with our days as we would do if we didn’t’ know anything different?
Though it is very very heart wrenching to hear about the losses and sad things that happen in the world… that doesn’t mean that my day has to be lived under a cloud. I have had to sit myself down and have a little chat with Me and tell Me that it’s okay to laugh and smile and be thankful for what I do have even if it has been taken away from others. I hurt for them but that doesn’t mean that my day has to be turned off and shut down.
I will do my part, light a candle, spend a minute in thinking of them with respect and love and then I will go for a walk and look around at all that I have to be thankful for this day, this minute right where I am.
In allowing Me to be thankful for this moment, I honor those who have lost so much because I don’t take this moment that I have for granted.
I hope that others move out from under the cloud of fear that is blowing up over us and can smile and see joy in the moments that we live.  The resilient spirit is what we need and it’s what will keep us young and healthy and alive.
Let’s feed that resiliency with open eyes for the beauty around us and for all that we have to be thankful for. I know we need to be aware of what is happening around us and be watchful and careful, yes, but I don’t’ think it will help anyone of we shut down our joy for living and stay trembling under that cloud.
I think, embracing the sad moments for what they are, holding them in love and then letting them go like a balloon up into the sky, is the only way we are going to move on and be able to manage in the world that we are currently blessed to be found living in.
Here’s to love and joy and happiness and thankfulness and peace on the string of that balloon full of fear that we send up.

Live in This Moment

The Continued Saga of Clarenenc’s Story

IMG_9833Ahah! so to add to Dear Clarence’s’ story…
I have two young chicks that were hatched here on the farm by my wonderful broody momma who the pigs ate…. you may remember me saying something about this a while ago.
Anyway. These two little ones are the best of buddies, they do all their chicky things together – all day – every day-
They have taken it upon themselves to tuck into the bunny bus at night time though the open door…. and somehow they have figured out how to get out before I open the door in the morning. I think they have found the one window that I leave open for air flow. They let themselves out early in the morning should I be late to open the door.
Then I wander the yard looking for them to make sure they are safe.
This morning they were off before I got there and so I went to check on them. I also didn’t see Dear Clarence anywhere but I had heard him earlier.
I found them all, tucked into a straw pile in the shop. Clarence was standing proudly on the top of the pile while the two little girls were paying homage to him on the lower level.
Sigh… I think Clarence has found himself a little harem too…or maybe the little girls have found a sugar daddy…either way, it works for me.
He now rules the straw pile instead of the tire pile and the wee girls have someone to keep a watchful eye over them.
All in a day’s work on the farm. 🙂

Clarence’s Story

Clarence, the Chanticleer Rooster

Clarence, the Chanticleer Rooster

When you are a rooster your job is to crow early in the morning.
When you are a logger, your job is to go to work early in the morning.
When you are a rooster that insists on sleeping on the huge semi tires and when Mr. Logger needs his tires at 4am and you blink your sleepy eyes at him in bazar wonderment….well isn’t that a fine how-do-you-do!

Poor Clarence the Chanteclair rooster has chosen to sleep in the shop all summer. I did kick him out of the hoop house where there were baby meat rabbits because he was mean to them. But, instead of moving into the chicken coop like any normal bird would do… oh no… Clarence moved himself to the shop which is across the drive from the barn yard. He moved himself up town. He was the big boy on the farm now. He slept on the big pile of tires in the corner, high off the ground and safe from most critters.

I would hear him early in the morning (and almost till noon some days) standing there in the shop and crowing his sweet head off and then I figured out what was going on… the shop echos and Mr. Clarence found out he has a very, very large crow if he crows while he is in the shop!
What a Roo!

It was a sight to see all the chickens getting ready for bed during the gloaming hour in the evening and there goes Mr. Clarence.. shaking his pretty white tail feathers at everyone else, high stepping it off to his kingly pile of tires in the shop, where he might have just one last echoey crow before bed…. And when would go to say good night he would be proudly sitting on his pile – looking so ‘cock’ sure of himself.

Then this morning things changed.
At 3am Mr. Logger’s alarm went off. He had things to get done today. One of them was to bring the logging truck home and change the tires but the roads are so muddy that it has to be done while the ground is as frozen as possible. He got up, got his coffee and then thought he heard a coyote singing… when he opened the window he was surprised to hear it was Clarence, in the shop, winding up his cock-a-doodle-doo.

Mr. Logger finished his cup of coffee, got dressed and went off to work. When he went to pick up the tires he would be needing, well, there was one unhappy rooster who had something to say about being disturbed at that hour!

In the end Clarence got the last laugh – I understand that those tires were covered in a little bit of roo poo…. oops!

I wonder where Mr. Clarence will sleep tonight. I hope he finds someplace as safe and as satisfying to crow in as he had sitting up on his pile of semi tires in the shop!

Our Perfect Imperfections

IFeatured imaget’s our imperfections that make us perfect.

 Did you ever think about that.

I have a few bunnies on the bunny bus and when there is one with a different mark or a bent ear or twisted whiskers, that is the bunny that becomes a favorite.
When I have a chicken with a different color or is smaller or sounds different than the others, that becomes one that I look for every time I go out to the barn yard.
We live in a world of perfection, from the cars we drive to the furniture in our homes and the clothes on our back to the kind of toothpaste we use.  We get hit by media ideas every day telling us what we should be wearing, doing, using, buying, driving.  Having that in our face all day long makes us feel like we are odd if we don’t match up.  In a world of blue eyes – brown eyes can really stand out.  But, here is something I have learned from spending time with the animals on my farm.

We are all different in our own special way and that makes us all the same in a whole different way.  Our little imperfections are what make us stand out of the flock so our friends can find us.  The bent whiskers and twisted feathers are the little special marks of uniqueness that makes us individual in a world of copycats. Maybe, for you it’s a few freckles or a determined hair on your chin.  For me it might be a cow lick that I can’t hide or a doube chin. We can either celebrate these little imperfections for what they are – our own individual stamp of perfectness, or we can hide them and try to change them and be unhappy, get upset and spend the rest of our life feeling like we don’t fit in. Feeling like we are nobody special. Really, it’s only ourselves that holds us back from being perfect. By embracing our little imperfections, we can become perfect.  Like the Leonard Cohen song, The Anthem (The Anthem – Leonard Cohen), says, the crack is where the light comes in. It’s when we understand that in our ‘brokenness’ is the place that we become whole – then we can accept our own imperfections and we can look at our friends and see the beautiful soul that makes up who they truly are… they become an amazing individual. Suddenly you don’t even see those freckles or that hair on their chin. You become enlightened by the strength of their kindness or inspired by how strong in spirit they are.
People, it’s the things that make us different that make us whole.  What a beautiful day it will be when we can be like the animals in my barn yard.  Accepting each other for the difference we have and celebrating them together.  Living together and celebrating each glorious day that we have been given  instead of worrying about the fact that our ‘feathers’ are grey and our neighbours ‘feathers’ are pretty brown.  Who really cares? I’d say as long as we have our feathers it’s all good.  But, then there will come the day when our feathers start to fall out and we start to change and we aren’t the same as we were the day before.  We can’t change the changes that come along.  Maybe we can’t run as fast or last as long, but that’s okay because we are now a little more settled and wiser. We no longer need to run so fast, because our brain is quicker.  Who we were yesterday doesn’t matter as much as who we are now.  If we sit and bemoan the person we used to be, then we will lose the joyful person we are now. 
I challenge you to celebrate your bent and twisted whiskers… I challenge you to no longer hid them… once you accept the beauty of who you are, then the rest of the world will sigh a sigh of relief and be happy to accept you just they way you are too. If you start to listen to your true hearts desires, then you will no longer let other lead you to places you didn’t really want to go.  People will just nod in understanding when you say, No thank you. They won’t reject you.  They will embrace the stand you take, the same way you do. They will see this is truly you are. They will be happy to see the true you and let you be truly you, in doing this, they allow themselves to become who they truly are.
I challenge you to let your imperfections become the things that make you perfect. 

Shit Happens – Get Over It

Shit Happens
Life sucks – shit happens – Get over it.
Simple right? That’s what I try to do every day.
We all shit, every day, we deal with shit every day, some floats, some sinks and some sticks to our shoes… that’s life.
I can sit in the shit and cry (which I sometimes do)
I can fling the shit around at everyone else (which I want to do quite often)
I can spray perfume all over the place and pretend ‘mah shit don’t stank’ ( I really, really, really hate it when people do that)
Or I can say “Yep, I just shat.” and move on. As long as I wipe well, flush, and wash my hands afterwards it shouldn’t affect anyone else. And if you want to take a dump and then wipe well and wash your hands afterwards… then we are all good as far as I am concerned.
And that’s what I try to do.  I don’t mind if you have to get something off your shoulders… that’s cool, but let’s not talk about yesterday’s shit again today!  I thought you flushed that shit yesterday!

People ask me how I can be so happy all the time….I’m not! There are days I want to rip out people’s throats but I have learned to think about what might be making them so mean and wonder if that other person may have a sliver up their bum and they might be in a little bit of pain… I give them that…. for a while, and THEN I rip their throat out.

I try and find the beauty in every day. Sometimes it’s just something little, but there is always something to find.
I try and give the other person the benefit of the doubt and I really need to work on taking more time to think before I open my mouth to answer back.  My words need to be tempered. I will agree with that. I’m a work in progress.  (as we all are – let’s remember)

There is much beauty in the world that turns bad. The good food that we eat that tastes so good and gives us strength and power and helps us grow and be strong… it all end up in the end as … shit!
The sun shines… and it’s beautiful out and then it rains and it’s gross and slippery and we fall down in the barnyard and get covered in shit.
The flowers grow and give us joy – and then they die. (but they sure would be happy for a little bit of that barn yard shit you fell in)
The trees finally turn green by the end of May and look lovely for the month or two of summer and then the wind comes along and blows them off before they can turn pretty colors.
We are healthy and then, Bam, something bad happens.
We are good people and our kids get sick and we wonder what the hell we did to deserve this.
We go to church and do all the things right and have our whole family wiped out in one automobile accident and we feel like we are living a hell on earth.
We give and give and give of ourselves – and get walked on and never thanked.
Our parents want a baby… make one and it turns out to be us… they do their best (which sometimes might be pretty sucky) But they do what they know and they don’t know enough and they forget to call on our birthday or forget what our favorite tea is and give us coffee instead for a christmas present and we don’t drink coffee… they didn’t even care to try to remember.
All is going well, then a sibling comes along and takes the spotlight we were using and we live in the dark. all alone. forever. (until we find each other here)
Here’s where we get to chose to eat something different so our shit don’t smell so bad.  We can make the change that helps us to find the sunshine.  We can re-frame things a little and pull ourselves out of the pile of dung that we might be finding ourselves in. It may only take a day – or maybe it might take a year but if we learn to exercise our gratitude muscle for the things that ARE good in our life and if we ingest healthy things into our mind then we will find that after a while our shit isn’t quite as hard to eliminate anymore and isn’t quite as stinky and we don’t have to sit and strain over it like we did before.

It is what it is damn it…. we live, we die, we have fun, we cry, we laugh and love and hope that OUR own shit isn’t’ bothering others. Let’s all do our ‘job’ and acknowledge that we all do ‘the go’… understand each other’s feelings but please, I don’t want to come and stand over the toilet and talk about your shit….Because, guess what… we all shit!

I have heard that if we stop pooping it means we will soon die… so be thankful for a little shit in your lives because it means you are alive!!

Now, wipe your ass and get off the pot before you get hemorrhoids of the heart!  I don’t think there is a cure for that… I hear you can die from it. I also heard it is contagious and if you don’t look after your own shit… you  can pass the heart hemorrhoids on to others.
And no one wants that!